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Royal Harbour 


Scope of Work

●Custom built scaffolding for ease of movement, safety for owners and protection of landscaping.


●We reframed and backstayed every existing roof member and added a new roof member  in between all existing ones.


●Installed new sheathing and seam taped all plywood butt joints.


●Installed high temp metal roof underlayment over the sheathing


Custom radius fabrication to accept standing seam panels & flashings to encompass two dozen:


            ●Roof plains




            ●Sliding doors


●The roof was in poor condition with continuous blisters and patchwork repairs throughout the entire surface of all buildings.


●Numerous attempts at repairs made by other parties made it evident that a full removal and new installation was necessary

●The previous roof was not tapered. We incorporated a tapered system in the new specification.


●We vapor barrier mopped to provide temporary protection from the elements


●We then mopped the tapered roof system over the vapor barrier


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