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Over 40 Years in Roofing Experience

Residential and Commercial Roofing Systems are designed to meet your needs.

  • Commercial / Flat Roofs

    When productivity under the roof is essential, weather has to stay outside. Let us help you find the best system for repairing or replacing your existing roof. Traditional tar and gravel roofing systems have evolved over the years to allow for lighter weight decks and easier to apply adhesive products. We specialize in BUR systems and our tear off crews work round the clock to accommodate your business needs. 

    Key Benefits

    • Products for all specifications from leading manufacturers

    • Extended roof life to stretch your bottom line

    • Feel secure in tropical weather with our certified lift test results

  • Metal Roofs

    Many of the Key West style structures recently have become very popular and their metal roofs add longevity to these designs. Metal roofs are as attractive as they are practical. The life of the roof is worth the initial cost.  Click here to see different styles of metal roof panels.

    Key Benefits

    • Double the life of your roof compared with shingle or tile.

    • Great selection of styles and colors.

    • Number one factor for property re-sale consideration.

  • Shingle Roofs

    From 3-tab to premium designer shingles, we can help you find the product right for you. You could qualify for $1,500 tax credit for installing energy efficient shingles that carry the energy star logo. We recommend and install quality GAF products

    Key Benefits

    • Durable and economical.

    • Great selection of styles and colors.

    • Guaranteed protection from the elements.

  • Tile Roofs

    Tile roofing allows great flexibility for pattern and color selection. Traditional Spanish designs and more contemporary looks are easily accomplished. Tile selections include both flat and barrel tiles in cement and clay. 

    Key Benefits

    • Variety of styles and colors for aesthetics in design

    • The roof underlayment system is durable for South Florida weather

    • Repairs are localized and spare tiles easily kept in stock.

Minimal Cost, Maximum Impact
Roofman Inc. 

Welcome to the roofing contractor with three decades of experience building, maintaining and repairing roofs to withstand South Florida's sun, wind and rain. We provide services ranging from residential to commercial, inspections, estimates, repairs and  re-roofs.


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